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Computer Animation Services

Computers have been involved with the animation process for years, but only recently has computer animation been truly recognized by the wider public at large as an art form unto itself. While CGI and animation done on computers have for a while been part of Hollywood filmmaking, from the later Star Wars pictures and The Matrix to current action blockbusters, computer animation services were often too expensive for many companies to use in marketing efforts. New software, personal computing power, and a number of artists working in the medium has brought the price down, and many companies now include computer animation services among the types of promotional art they produce.

CGI and Animation

American Artists works with a number of CGI experts, linking blue chip clientele to the high-end talent they need to put forth their company's promotional vision. American Artists began in the heyday of commercial illustration, and has survived for more than 80 years by continuing to offer the best in commercial art from top artists in their respective fields. Whether this means photography for a print ad campaign or the use of CGI and animation to create an interactive web display that shows off your product in new and unprecedented ways, American Artists can help your company achieve its creative vision.

A History of Customer Service

Working with creative individuals should not be hard. Many firms representing creatives often make it so, but this is not how it should be. American Artists has a long reputation, stretching back decades, of providing excellent customer service. This means working with you to understand your vision, providing the correct creative solution, and giving you deliverables in the agreed upon time frame for the agreed upon budget. Contact us today to learn more; we look forward to working with you.

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