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Vector Illustration: People and Places

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, vector illustration (as opposed to raster illustration) is a type of illustration done on computers (often in programs like Adobe Illustrator) that is based on mathematical formulas and geometric shapes rather than pixels-because of this, vector images can be compressed or stretched while still retaining the same image quality. This makes vector rendering ideal for the design of logos, because images can be small enough to fit on letterhead and large enough to plaster on the side of a truck or on a billboard.

There are many applications for vector illustration: people and places can be depicted artistically in a number of drawing/painting styles, logos of all shapes and sizes can be designed, and characters can be created that can be implemented into flash animations for games, cartoons, or interactive applications.

American Artists represents a number of vector illustration people with experience in creative enterprises ranging from fine art to advertising and marketing. View the portfolios of our various artists, and contact us when you find someone you'd like to work with.

Vector Rendering

The applications for vector rendering are endless. Vector illustrations that emulate classic artistic and commercial illustration styles from the past appear in advertisements and publications all the time. New web applications featuring interactive characters or displays often use images created in vector illustration programs.

If you are interested in expanding your vision, or creating a new vision for your company, the personnel of American Artists can help. We will work with you to make your vision a reality, combining creativity and customer service at levels you didn't imagine possible. Contact us today by phone at 212.682.2462 or by filling out the contact form accessible by the tab atop the page and one of our representatives will get back to you at your convenience.

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